Sunday, 20 August 2017

2017 Road-trip day 1


We were awoken by the alarm at 4.20am to get ready for our next adventure. Our Uber arrived at just after 5am and we were off to Madison airport. The beauty of early flights is that there is no traffic on the roads and you are soon at the airport and with no bags to check through security and waiting for our first flight to Detroit.

We didn't have to wait long before boarding and once on there was only time for the air staff to do a quick round of drinks and after 45 minutes in the air, we landed at a very rainy Detroit.
Only an hour till next flight so grabbed a breakfast of vile coffee and cream cheese bagel. We did not order vile coffee, maybe we should have specified.

Time for boarding, delayed by 15 mins due to LA air traffic control issues. But, we had a smooth flight, landing at mid-day. I caught up on Once Upon a Time, Beauty and the Beast and part of Moana. Delta also do very good coffee and nice European caramel biscuits!

We descended through the cloud and dust to land in a very sunny Los Angeles, we were delated on the runway while our gate became available. But after clearing the terminal ordered our Uber and Marco soon had us at the Super 8 in Anaheim.

Checking in and dropping off the bags we went around the corner to the Anaheim Garden Walk where we enjoyed a salad lunch washed  down with Anchor Steam Mango Wheat while Paul had the Anchor Steam – giant 22oz pour!

We took  photos by the great murals at Anaheim Garden Walk.

It was only a short 20 minute walk and we were purchasing our park tickets for the next two days followed by  a Dole Whip cocktail at the Disneyland Hotel. $10 seems rather expensive for a Dole Whip with the tiniest dash of rum!

We spent a couple of hours wandering Downtown Disney before grabbing a slice of pizza at Napolini and heading back to the motel picking up supplies on the way.

After a long days travel we turned in for an early night ready to start a new day in the parks tomorrow.

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