Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Three states in a day!

Exhausted from our big adventure the previous day we awoke fairly late for us and had a leisurely breakfast at the Cañonita restaurant where we had dined the previous day and then had a walk around the hotel.

Following breakfast we bought a couple of pots of fruit for the journey and then went into the Palazzo casino for a last spin on the roulette table, High roller that I am I got a $20.00 from my wallet and Victoria and I placed our respective bets, Victoria won but I lost, so overall for the weekend we were down about $9.00 on the gambling, I am noot sure we can sustain these losses :-)

We decided that Las Vegas is actually quite lovely in morning when all the usual denziens are still in bed and it is not too crowded, also despite being a bit gaudy of all the hotels we saw the Venetian is actually the nicest.

Not inclined to come back though.

We packed the cases, checked out and picked up the car from the parking garage and were on the road, driving through Boulder we eventually got to the Hoover Dam.

Wow, this is seriously impressive! Well to me anyway, Victoria is not so with engineering. We drove over to the Arizona side and parked up at one of the view points and walked back to the dam.

Getting back in the car we drove to the end of the road to purchase some postcards and trinkets from the gift shop before crossing back over the dam and driving back towards Las Vegas and picking up the road to Los Angeles.

This journey took a good six hours due to traffic but the scenery was beautiful as we drove past mountains ranges and the Mojave Desert. We saw probably the longest train I have ever seen, this is just the head of it and it was at least three times longer!

Stopping for gas just after Barstow we continued to Orange County and got checked in at the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites.

After a shower to get rid of the dust we headed to Downtown Disney and had a cocktail at the Tiki Bar in the Disneyland Hotel, the service was pretty terrible here though.

So we headed over to the House of Blues where I had a pint of beer in a Mason Jar and we dined on salad, portabello sliders and fries while listening to live music, a great night out.

Walking back to the hotel we caught the fireworks in Disneyland before crashing out for another big adventure tomorrow.

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