Monday, 24 August 2015

With the Lost Boys on Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a great night of junk food and white knuckle rides on the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, location for many of the scenes in Lost Boys.

We had checked into the Comfort Inn only five minutes stroll from the Boardwalk and after unpacking and applying a cold compress to Victorias' twisted ankle we were on the sea front.

There was quite a long list of things to do so we dove straight in, picking up a Funnel Cake. If you have never had one of these it is cake batter that has been deep fried like a doughnut, but the batter is poured in steadily so it forms lovely tasty, crispy strands. We eschewed all the optional toppings and had it neat, with just a sprinkle of sugar.

At about 700 calories for each funnel cake we made the wise decision to share one. They are bloody tasty but you would struggle to manage a whole one, although some of the locals do that with ease. They must have special training.

Next up we boarded the Sky Glider and were soon soaring over the Boardwalk in our cable car.

Great views over the Boardwalk, Santa Cruz and the Pacific Ocean.

This is the Giant Dipper, more on that later.

Alighting the Sky Gliders we purchased some lovely postcards from one of the concession and sat on a bench writing them before dropping them in the mailbox. Now it was time for a new food challenge. Being a vegetarian we have never tried the delights of a Corn Dog, however, one of the concessions does a veggie version so with statins at the ready we bravely sampled this delight. We also ordered a 'medium' soda that turned out to be bucket sized!

Despite the looks they are actually quite tasty with added ketchup and mustard. Again a single portion was too much for either of our delicate digestive systems so again we shared washed down with approximately a gallon of Diet Pepsi.

Now to the highlight of the evening, a ride on the Giant Dipper an historic wooden roller coaster dating from 1924. Reaching heights of 21m and speeds of 55mph its a different kind of ride to the steel coasters that we have gotten used to in this day and age but a great experience as is climbs, drops and banks around the track.

Thankfully we rode it at dusk just as the park is coming to life, although it was quite a bit quieter than our visit last year, I put that down to being a Sunday evening on the day before California goes back to school.

The park really does look great as it gets dark.

We still had a couple of treats to enjoy. First of which was a Tater Twist, I am amazed at the ingenuity of Americans when it comes to putting things on a stick and deep frying them and the Tater Twist is no exception. A potato is put on a stick and passed through a machine that cuts it into a long spiral and then deep fried. You then go over to the condiments stand and add flavourings of your choice. 

Victoria selected sour cream and chives at one end, parmesan cheese in the middle and cayenne at the other end. Here she is with her completed work!

Starting with the sour cream and chive end we munched away, until we got to the cayenne, bloody hell that was hot, very tasty but very spicy too!

We polished of with a portion of redberry sherbert flavoured Dippin' Dots very tasty and just the thing to take away the burn of the cayenne.

Our last snap of the evening, Victoria enjoying the Dippin' Dots under the Boardwalk entrance.

A great night and no vampire encounters recorded.

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