Friday, 6 February 2015

Reykjavik day 3

I awoke state early at about 06:00 but spent time editing photos and updating the blog while Victoria slept on beside me.

Victoria woke at 08:00 and we breakfasted on a scrummy Skyr yogurt each purchased the day before.

We left the hotel at around 10:45 and it was snowing and blowing a gale. Having seen a promising breakfast menu the day before we went to Tui Dropar but were uninspired by the veggie options and instead went for a tea and coffee..

We had heard of a great view point so walked up to the Solfarid (Sun Voyager) sculpture and the weather really cleared and we had some great photo opportunities of both the stainless steel sculpture and over the bay

At the Solfarid the weather had cleared but the wind got up and it was extremely cold in the gusts wing.

We walked back past Harpa and into town for a cheese roll and coffee at the Kornid Bakery where the snow started again.

We continued on to the harbour and visited Aurora Reykjavik, the weather conditions on this trip mean this exhibit is likely our only chance to see the Northern Lights. The weather and atmospherics were perfect last week for viewing, not so this week. They do have a 'box' to test if your camera is suitable and it seems that if I had the chance I could likely get a good shot.

We enjoyed a complimentary tea and coffee and chatted to some visitors from Chicago then picked up some post cards of the Aurora Borealis as we are not likely to get any good images on this trip.

We walked through town to Svarta Kaffid (the place where we had soup on Wednesday evening), we had a pint each and shared a lovely plate of Nachos with cheese and salsa. I found out that today that the local 'Gull' beer is not named after sea birds but instead Gull is Icelandic for gold.

We sat enjoying our drinks and food in the warm while the snow flurries and winds whistled down Laugavegur.

In a break in the snow storm we headed back to the hotel, stopping to pick up more Skyr for breakfast. It's now nearly happy hour so time to sign off for the day as I post this from the Hlemmur Square bar.

View from the balcony this evening! Brrrrr! honest, there should be a mountain in the background.

We are now sat in the Hlemmur Square bar enjoying a pint. Tomorrow we have a Golden Circle tour booked, hope to have loads of pictures to upload after that.

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