Thursday, 5 February 2015

Derby to Luton to Reykjavik

It's time for another adventure. On Tuesday.evening I met Victoria in Derby after work and we were in the car for the drive to Luton Airport. As can be expected on these occasions fate chose to shit on us and the M1 was closed between Jcns 13 and 12!

We took a short diversion into Milton Keynes and had a Pizza Hut in the Intu although the M1 was still closed so we drove out to Bedford and picked up the A6 finally arriving at the Premier Inn far to late.

Up bright and early we dropped the car off in mid term and were soon at Luton Airport for a breakfast of Starbucks coffee and Belgium buns. Before going through security we had to buy a couple of zip locks for our toiletries.

We got through security quite easily, unlike the chap in the next aisle who had filled his hand baggage with Ted Baker toiletries......

Our Easyjet flight was quite late setting off but once in the air the three hour flight went smoothly and we had an easy landing at Keflavik. As we were late setting off we just missed our connecting bus so killed 50 minutes with a drink and a bag of crisps,  we can live it up.

We boarded the bus and after 20 minutes or so were  at the Blue Lagoon a great outdoor natural spa with geothermal sea water at 37C.

After dropping our luggage of at the bag drop we split to our respective changing rooms and met up on the other side and entered the lovely bath - hot water.

There is a bar in the middle of the pool and we had two drinks. I had a pint of the local Gull lager both times, Victoria had a Blueberry smoothie  the first time. The second round she had a Krap! That is the local brand name for slushie ,  but having a Krap in the pool is a must here.

We eventually spent three hours in the pool, including quite some time with our silica mud packs on.

We took another camera into the pool and the photos from that may make another blog post.

Quite revived, but wrinkly we changed back into our clothes and went to the bar for another pint, Victoria had a coffee. We took some photos from the viewing platform then picked up our luggage and boarded the coach to Reykjavik.

The Hlemmur Square is a lovely hotel, our room is modern and cosy with a extremely comfortable bed. After dropping the luggage (and finding some idiot had lost the travel adaptor) we went to the hotel bar for happy hour where beers and wine are at 600ISK. Victoria had a wine I had a beer and we staved off the hunger with some peanuts.

Rather hungry we decided to walk into town passing many eateries on the way we decided on the Svarta Kaffid a great bar that serves soup in a hollowed granary cob loaf. I washed mine down with a another pint of Gull.

We walked around a little more then it was back to the Hlemmur Square and crashed out in bed. A three hour flight, a three hour swim, a long walk and five pints, I was ready  for bed.

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