Friday, 1 August 2014

First day in San Francisco

Given the eight hour time delay we awoke really quite early and were up and about by about 0430 although Victoria did manage to get a longer lie-in. The bed in our room at Hotel Boheme is very comfortable and despite the early hour I had a good seven hours sleep, probably the longest for a good week or so .

We eventually dragged ourselves out of our pit at about 0600 and busied ourselves getting ready for the day and unpacking the luggage that we would need for our three nights in San Francisco.

Over the road from the Hotel Boheme is the Caffe Grecco and at 0800 we were sat down to breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with cheese on bagel with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice while Victoria had eam cheese on bagel with a cappuchino to start the day. We then set off into town walking down Columbus, taking a detour along Grant into Chinatown and then picking up Columbus again until we reached Montgomery. Once in the centre of town we had a look around the as yet closed shops before stopping in a small coffee shop for another drink, I even had a rare cup of coffee as I felt I was starting to flag and did not want to get too tired already.

We searched out the flagship Levi store on Market and I had soon purchased a pair of jeans in the sale, $21.60 inc taxes, result! After that we went into Macys where Victoria picked up some Benefit make-up and bought some Nail Inc product for much less than she can get it at home, how does that work out that you can buy things made in London cheaper a continent away?

After a mooch around Macys we went into Tiffanys where a very lucky lady got her 25th Wedding Anniversary present to be put away until the 24th February 2015.

Folowing the stress of a visit to Tiffanys Victoria took us back into Macys and up to the Cheese Cake factory on the eighth floor where we lunched on a couple of glasses of lemonade and a chocolate cheese cake and a key lime cheese cake, they were rather nice, but very rich. As an added bonus it was half price cheese cake day so the whole lot was less than 20 dollars.

In to the Disney Store I completed my ensemble by buying a Star Wars t-shirt to go with my new jeans.

We the walked up Grant and into Chinatown where we spent a good couple of hours browsing the kelidascope of sights and sounds. Victoria picked up her favourite Lychee Chai Boaba and we also visited the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory where we picked up a bag of cookies that as yet remain unbroken, we shall have to find out later what fortune has in store for us.

 It's now 1600 and we are back at the Hotel Boheme chilling out and updating the blog. A great day so far.

We managed to have a snooze to catch up on some sleep going out around 2000. We walked up to the piers and took a look at Alcatraz the strolled back in to Little Italy for dinner at Viva Pizza on Columbus,  Victoria had the P.B.S. and I Mediterranean Salad - I needed the greens!

Very nice it was too

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