Saturday, 9 August 2014

Disneys California Adventure

We awoke early so as to best take advantage of an early start in the park. By 0745 we were n Disneys California Adventure and picking up our Photopass Plus and when the rides opened at 0800 we were straight on to Toy Story Manai a 4D shooter, the scores were close but I came out on top.

Victoria had planned out our days using Ridemax and although it semed that we were stuck on a schdule it worked really well and we got to do loads of stuff as well as scheduling a lot of free time for 'off piste' activities.

Toy Story Mania was followed by the Little Mermaid dark ride and then picked up a Fast Pass for Radiator Springs Racers then on to Tower of Terror, about a 15 minute queue. We had breakfast at Starbucks - sharing a Walnut Banana Loaf and a bowl of berries - before getting in the queue for Soarin' which we were on after about 15 minutes. We pretty much got straight on to Monsters Inc. After which we made our way into Cars Land and met Mater for a photograph.

Next we were queuing for 5 minutes for Maters Junk Yard Jamboree before sharing a lunch of Portabello Mushroom Hotdog from Award Weiners.

We had planned to go on Grizzly Peaks now but decided to ease the pace a little and queued 20 minutes for Mickeys Fun Wheel then went straight on to Golden Zephyr. The park was quite busy by now but is well laid out with lots of rides so does not feel that crowded.

Our Fastpasses were now active and we had our first ride on Radiator Springs Races - brilliant! We had planned to go back to the hotel for a break at about 1400, but is was about 1430 after we been on Russells Redwood Challenge here we joined the kids on the climbing wall, cargo nets and giant slide and then into A Bugs land for a sedate ride on Heimlichs Chew Chew.

On the way back to the hotel Victoria had a Starbucks and I made a pig of myself with a double cone from Clarabelles Hand Scooped Icecream.

After loafing around in the hotel for the hottest three hours of the day we were back in the park, first for the Rock Concert at the Mad Hatters Tea Party before taking some more sight seeing and photograph opportunities before going to Flo's V8 Cafe for a delicious Veggie Tater Bake that we shared.

Next we were queing for Grizzly River Run, after about 20 minutes we were riding the rapids and getting soaked we really should have done it earlier as we would have dried out quicker in the sun.

It was getting close to 2000 so we joined the single rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. Unfortunately, as we got close to the front of the line there was a malfunction and we did not board until after 2100, a great ride and we were both in the same car, but 75 minutes in the queue was a bugger.

We caught some of the World of Colour light show before picking up a Pretzel Rod - yummy - and back to the hotel to re-live the day and crash out exhausted!

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