Saturday, 9 August 2014

Disneyland - WooooHoooo

Whoo hoo! time for a day in Disneyland,

We woke early and were soon queueing to get in the park by 7.30am - funny I never have a problem waking up at Disney! We were soon through the gates and making our way up Main Street  to Tomorrowland and our first ride of the day, Space Mountain, a high speed coaster.
Unfortunately I ruined the photo some what by rubbing my check, I was not as some may say picking my nose. Next we were heading down the Rabbit hole and into Alice in Wonderland, then onto Toads wild ride - beep, beep! Off to Toontown as we had an appointment with the Big Cheese, photos with Mickey Mouse done and onto Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin, this was all done before 10am, yes we were moving at quite a speed!

So on way to Frontier Land. But who do I spoton thw way, none other the Peter Pan, well I had to have a photo, he was very excited about our big adventure but a little worried that we may not have enough Pixie dust for such a long journey.

Next onto the wildest ride in the west, Big Thunder Mountain yee-hay cowboy! Finally it was time for breakfast after first grabbing some fast passes. Oh my goodness, Jasmin your gonna love the Mickey pancake we shared, so cute, we also had a hugh plate of fruit- yum vitamins.

Ok feeling fully refreshed it was onto Pirates of the Caribbean, we both really enjoyed the Davy Jones projection on a curtain of dry ice that you ride though, very clever. Next onto Critter country for an adventure with Winnie the Pooh, a cute dark ride. It was time to trade our fast passes in for a ride on Splash Mountain, it starts with a gentle ride through the tales of Brear Rabbit. Now I had heard how wet people can get,so was a little nervous when I got the front seat but nothing prepared me for the drenching I got, it felt like someone had dunked me in the river! We both needed to dry out so had a mooch around the park in the sunshine,before arriving back in Tomorrowland to see the Jedi training acadamy. Its so unfair that only under 12s can take part to battle the dark side and become part of the rebel alliance.

I had been looking forward to having lunch at the hungry bear resturant so we grabbed a table overlooking the water and shared a fried green tomato sandwich with sweet potato fries and creole colslaw, delious, I have to say we were both very impressed with the veggie options in the parks.

Time to board Star Tours. Wonder where we're going? We didnt have long to wait to board our Star speeder and race away to Hoth and away from the clutches of Darth Vader and deliver our rebel spy to the Jedi council, so cool. You exit into the shop, oh goodess we really shouldn't have looked round. As we both come away with Star Wars t.shirts, whoops! Time to head back to the hotel for a lie down, it was about 2.30pm and we planned to back in the park at 6pm till Midnight.

At around 6pm we were back in the park for another 6 hours of magic. The Soundsation parade was due to begin, so we found a space to sit and wait and Paul went and grab us a dolewhip and dolewhip float, these were very good (google them if your unsure what they are).

We watched the parade and made a quick dash to beat the crowds over to Indiana Jones. This is a great ride that sees you trying to avoid the perils of the temple. I was at the drivers wheel of our safari jeep, hang on everyone we were in for a bumpy ride.

Now we were very lucky to be in the park tonight as Suburban Legends were playing - we saw these a few months back when they played Nottingham. If you've never seen a crowd moshing to the Lion King's 'I just can't wait to be King' I suggest you check them out straight after you've read this post. Wow it can get rather sweaty bouncy around in the Californian heat!

We both felt it was time for some veggie gumbo so we went off to track this down at the The Royal Street Veranda, there was quite a queue but we found a table and was able to enjoy our spicy gumbo whilst catching a bit of the river show 'Fantasmic'. We though we would take the opportunity to catch another ride on Pirates of the Caribbean whilst all the crowds were busy watching the show.

As we were coming out of the ride a couple stopped us to give us some fast passes to Big Thunder Mountain - score! So we hoped on over there, then a quick photo stop by the pretty castle at night then onto Star Tours. It was then time for our final ride of the night,The Jungle Cruise.

We had a great skipper captaining our boat into the dangers of the jungle, lots of cheesy jokes. Then that was it, time to say goodbye to Disney, so we made our way out of the park, stopping briefly to grab a coffee and wave goodbye to Mickey and Minnie. We were in bed by 12.30am.

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