Friday, 1 August 2014

Arriving in San Francisco

After a night in the Premier Inn at Heathrow we dropped the car off at Purple Parking and caught the shuttle bus to Terminal 3, we were soon checked in, through security a lot quicker than expected and were airside with a couple of hours to spare. We killed some time having breakfast at Strada and it was not long before we were called to the gate and boarded on VS019 - Cosmic Girl - to San Francisco.

The flight was quite smooth and the ten and a half hours were taken up with dozing, watching some movies and being fed. We arrived at San Francisco and were soon through immigration, but had to wait ages for the baggage carousel. About an hour after landing we boarded Super Shuttle and were in to the terrible San Francisco rush hour traffic, our driver was getting a bit irate with it, but luckily we were the first drop off and were are the Hotel Boheme for 1800 local time - having been awake for about 22 hours already.

Waiting for the shuttle

Robert got us checked in and gave us a run down of some of the great things we could do. The room is lovely and in a true Bohemian fashion, the hotel is steeped in the history of the beat poets and it is said Allen Ginsberg stayed here. Francis Ford-Coppola wrote The Godfather just along Columbus.

Being rather tired, we mooched a few hundred yards down Columbus to the fantastic City Lights book shop, crossed the road and came back up the other side and had a beer and a coffee in Cafe Puccini. A browse in a couple of the stores and it was time for bed having been about 24 hours since the last time my head hit the pillow, it was only about 1930.

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