Saturday, 9 August 2014

Annaheim to Auckland

It is our last day in California. We have a bit of a lie in then start packing the suitcases for our trip and then it is over the road to Downtown Disney for a bite of breakfast - cheese and egg sandwiches from the Earl of Sandwich - then it is back to the Fairfield to load up the car and check out.

I had planned to visit Brookhurst Hobbies so that is our first stop and then it is on to Hwy5 and we pull in to the Citadel Outlet Village where we do a little shopping. I say a little, one pair of Vans, some Keihls, three pairs of Calvin Klein knickers and a Levis top. I am rewarded with a lovely lunch at Ruby's Diner. Victoria had a Vegwich while I had a Mushroom and Swiss Cheese veggie burger.


We then suffer the Los Angeles traffic but arrive at the Hertz depot in plenty of time, the flat tyre indicator now joined by a oil change warning light! We catch the courtesy bus to the terminal and get checked in with a good three hours to spare.

T2 at LAX has terrible facilities. East Midlands Airport at home puts it to shame, We passed the time though and eventually boarded our flight to New Zealand and were took off by 10:30 a little late as a couple of no-shows had to have their baggage removed.

As it was a red-eye I managed to get some kip, but spent a lot of time catching up on Series 4 of Game of Throne, six episodes in all., I will finish the rest on the flight to Tokyp next week. I woke briefly as we crossed the equator, as the flight was very bumpy at the time, I am quite glad I caught that.

We arrived at New Zealand at about 06:00 local time and were soon through immigration, but were in the queue for bio-security over an hour. Eventually, we were through and boarded the shuttle bus to Apexwhere we picked up another Ford Focus. After three false starts with the GPS we had ordered as an add-on we were credited for that and picked up a map.

It did not take long to find the Siebel Suites where we are staying and the room was ready for a an early check in so we dropped the bags and headed in to town.

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